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What is Software and How To Use it.

What is Software and How To Use it.

Hello friends! Welcome to My Smart Posts ! Today we will tell you that what is Computer Software and How many types of software are.  If you do not know about software this post is very useful to you.

No electronic device can run without software. Today you will find all the electronic devices around you which are run by some software, without the software they are unable to move. 
Any electronic device we use today, with the help of some other software such as Mobile, Computer, TV etc.
Although the word ‘Software’ was given by the mathematician and statistician John Tukey during a program in 1958, “Issue of American Mathematical Monthly”  was given. In which he discussed the programs of Electronic Calculator.
Some instructions are given to the computer to perform a specific task and these instructions given to computer are in the form of a set of Instructions or Programs, these Instructions or Programs are called Software.

 There are usually 3 types of software:

     1. System Software
     2. Programming Software
     3. Application Software

These three types Software are the main and in all these different types of software are used for different types of tasks.

1. System Software:
System software are software that manage and control the hardware of your computer, and due to them the application software can run in the computer or you can work on it System Software.  The simplest example of your operating system i.e. your windows, whatever you are using

It is a system software that works to manage your entire computer provides you with all the facilities that allow you to run your computer smoothly, in a nutshell system is a group of software programs, systems. There are many more examples of System Software –

Operating System:
The operating system is the only way with which we can access our computer hardware or command hardware. The operating system works as a bridge between the hardware and our users.

In order to perform different tasks, these System Software are designed according to the needs of different types of software.
   1.  Device Drivers
   2.  Operating Systems (OS)
   3.  Compilers
   4.  Text editors
   5.  Utilities
   6.  Shells 

   7.  Windowing Systems 

2. Programming Software:

Programming is a program of Computer Computer. This is also called Programming Tool or Software Development Tool.

Software Developers, who make any software or program, use the Programming Software to create, edit, debug and maintain.

Such as Assemblers, Compilers, and Linkers are such Programming Tools that convert the language read and written by humans to Bits and Bytes, which computers can easily understand, and with the help of Software Developers, a program is called Edit, Debug and Can be maintained.

3. Application Software: 

Application Software is also like a Computer Program, and these software are created to do some specific work such as educational work, personal work and business work etc.

Thereby increasing the productivity and creativity of that work.Application software is designed to be used according to user needs, so they are also called End User Programs.

The functions of the Application Software are as follows.
     Constructing Visuals
     Coordinating Resources
     Calculating Figures
     Managing Information
     Manipulating Data

Today we told you that What is Software and how many types of software are. Hopefully you have come to understand and the choice may have come, because today we have told you more updated information in simple language, which are useful and important for you.

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